Look Back: Universal’s Silverscreen Resort

There have been quite a few rumblings recently about Universal’s plans to build a fourth on-site hotel, so for this week’s look back, we figured we’d take a look at Universal’s Silverscreen Resort, a proposed fourth hotel for Universal that never saw the light of day.

In April of 2006, Universal filed trademark applications for “Universal’s Silverscreen Resort” and “Universal’s Silverscreen Hotel” for the use of “Resort hotel services”. At the time, the internet was abuzz with speculation about this future resort. It appeared that finally, Universal was going to add another on-site hotel.

Then, in May of 2007, Universal filed an amendment to their Master Plan with the City of Orlando which detailed plans for the entire Universal property. This plan included two new resort hotels, one on the vacant land next to the Royal Pacific, and one across the street on the vacant land along Turkey Lake Road. The filing even included a conceptual rendering of the larger hotel.

Sadly, in October of 2007, Universal abandoned the Silverscreen Resort trademark, as it no longer intended to use it.

Universal’s Silverscreen Resort would have been an 1,800 room resort drawing inspiration from the golden age of cinema. Below is a small gallery of images showing off the resorts exterior, interior, and pool.

With the resurgence of rumors that Universal is planning on building a fourth onsite hotel, could we see the rebirth of this idea? Or perhaps a totally new concept? With two large tracts of land having the potential of housing a future resort, I guess only time will tell.

Source : Raleigh Design

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