Universal Patents New Water Park Technologies

Universal Patents New Water Park Technologies

There have been rumors for quite some time now that Universal Studios was looking to build an on-site water park at its Orlando resort, and today, we might have our first glimpse at some of the new technologies they’re looking to incorporate with the rumored project. New patents published this month show off three interesting concepts; an “articulated waterslide”, a multi-directional wavepool, and “beach visual effects”.


Articulated Waterslide

The first patent, for an articulated waterslide, details a new waterslide concept “that is flexible or articulated at one or more locations such that features of the waterslide can be maneuvered into different arrangements to provide a variety of flow paths. “ This concept offers many possibilities; for example, a waterslide built with multiple articulation segments and multiple paths could theoretically offer a different ride experience each time. Alternatively, a specific themed waterslide could be built with both “wild” and “mild” paths, and the rider could select which path they’d like to take, that way everyone could experience that particular themed slide, no matter their thrill preference. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and one I’d totally love to see executed in the near future. Included below are a few example drawings, and you can download and read the full patent by clicking here: Articulated Waterslide Patent.


Multi-Directional Wavepool

The next patent’s title is pretty self-explanatory. It details a method for creating a wavepool with multi-directional waves. As the patent describes, this would allow for the creation of a circular wavepool, with waves being generated from the center and expanding outwards in all directions. The patent also discusses the possibility of different wave types being generated in different sections of the pool, so guests could choose their preferred wave type and stay in that section, or swim around and experience them all. Special wave types, like spiral waves, would also be possible with this configuration. A massive, circular wavepool would be an excellent centerpiece for a new water park. You can download and read the full patent by clicking here: Multi-Directional Wavepool Patent.


Beach Visual Effects

The final new patent details different visual effects that could be created in a water park beach environment using different sand materials and/or lighting effects from below the beach surface. Examples included multi-colored or rainbow beaches, an illuminated or back-lit beach, or the creation of different shapes or patterns. Special iridescent or phosphorescent sands could also be used to create a visually interesting beach. These concepts would definitely be an exciting way to spruce up the typical, mundane water park beach environment, and could allow for some pretty elaborate effects and themed beach areas. Below are two example drawings from the patent, which can be downloaded by clicking here: Beach Visual Effects Patent.


Overall, these seem to be some pretty unique and interesting new water park concepts, and pretty much right on par with what we’ve come to expect from the creative minds at Universal. Hopefully we see these ideas implemented in a future water park project, and hopefully that project is for Universal Orlando Resort. What do you think of these patents? Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section below!

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    • JALoller

      I think this sounds amazing.

    • michelle

      as a long time season pass holder, I’ve been waiting for the day that universal builds a water park! this sounds awesome!