Transformers Gift Shop Opening Soon?

A new permit filed today with the City of Orlando hints that the Transformers gift shop could be opening in the very near future. The permit calls for a TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy) for the retail space that’s part of Project 609. According to wikipedia, a TCO is “generally sought after and acquired when a building is still under construction, but there is a certain section or number of floors that are deemed to be habitable.”

Universal has been selling Transformers themed merchandise at various stores and kiosks throughout their parks for the past month or so, so getting this shop open sooner would give all that stuff a place to call home, and allow them to offer even more items for sale in a cool, themed environment. Plus, Universal opened Super Silly Stuff, the Despicable Me gift shop, before that attraction officially opened, so the idea of opening an attraction’s retail location early clearly isn’t unprecedented.

Project 609 TCO
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