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  • 6 years ago

Look Back: Epcot Model

Since yesterday’s Look Back was all reading and no photos, we’ll keep today’s reading to a minimum so you can get straight to the pictures! Thanks to Jon Seisa’s profile on Coroflot we get an early glimpse at one of the models created for Epcot. Some interesting things to note include:

  • The Epcot ball being located on water, with a raised main pathway leading into it.
  • The open air design of the four buildings in the center of Future World.
  • The Living Seas (or some other sea themed attraction) occupying the space The Land Pavilion would come to occupy.
  • The large round building leading into the World Showcase.
  • The many different World Showcase countries that didn’t make the cut. A few we can recognize:
    • Africa
    • India
    • Australia

If you can spot any other exciting details, or identify any other countries, let us know in the comments, or on our newly opened forums!

Also, don’t forget, it’s Look Back Week, so check back each day for a new Look Back article, and check out our Look Back section!


  • 6 years ago

Look Back: Fright Nights – HHN ’95

Halloween Horror Nights had its humble beginnings as a three night event known as Fright Nights in 1991. Since then, it has grown to be the nation’s premiere Halloween event, now spanning 25 nights and featuring eight haunted houses. In this Look Back, we present you with several newspaper articles from the first five years of Halloween Horror Nights, 1991-1995.

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Fright Nights – 1991


Halloween Horror Nights – 1992


Halloween Horror Nights – 1993


Halloween Horror Nights – 1994


Halloween Horror Nights – 1995


  • 7 years ago

Look Back: Manta

This weeks look back is all about Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. Manta opened in May of 2009 and aimed to seamlessly blend an animal exhibit with a roller coaster. We’ve got some great concept art showing off the attraction’s features, queue, and non-rider aquarium, as well as some descriptions of the attraction’s intent and theme.


Attraction Concept:

A feeling of Oneness

The Attraction is an experiential journey whose path is chosen by the individual. Both journeys enable guests to enter the realm of the ray and experience its underwater world for themselves. The aquarium experience allows guests to be one with the ray’s environment. As guests immerse themselves further into the ray’s realm, all senses are directed toward the energy of the ray. The ride experience allows guests to feel at one with the ray itself, as they experience the sensations of the ray’s graceful yet powerful movements: diving, swooping, and gliding with agility and ease.

Thematic Backstory

THE ARTISANS of Ray Lagoon
For hundreds of years, the beachside village at Ray Lagoon has been known throughout the Caribbean for its lush tropical beauty and the schools of graceful rays that swim in its lagoon.

For centuries, Ray Island has been a Caribbean home to a people who have revered rays, the graceful sea creatures who inhabit the old harbors and lagoons of the island. The islanders regard the rays as wonderful visitors to their home who have chosen to stay.

The islanders’ delight in the magnificent rays can be seen in their carefree artwork, from the curving handrails and metal work to the colorful mosaics, reflecting the flowing shape of the rays and the people’s appreciation of their constant presence.

Time and progress have changed much on Ray Island, but the spirit and power of the ray are everywhere.

  • 7 years ago

Look Back: The Jaws Ride

For this week’s Look Back, we don’t have to look too far back to take one final look at the Jaws Ride. Closed on January, 2nd 2012, the ride was one of the last remaining ‘classic’ attractions in the park. Instead of being yet another informational/tribute/memory article for the internet, this Look Back will focus primarily on the other great websites that provided coverage of the closing of Jaws and the ride itself.

For starters, Jim Hill has an excellent write up on not only the interesting history of the Jaws ride, but Universal Studios as well. You can read his article here:
Universal Studios Florida’s “Jaws” attraction sails off into the sunset.


Next up, a link to perhaps the greatest fan site devoted to everything Jaws, Amity Boat Tours:
AmityBoatTours.com – The BEST and Only JAWS Tribute


Ever wondered what The Jaws Ride looks like without water? You can find several fascinating pictures of the Jaws Ride ‘dry’ at the link below:


And finally, we leave you with two videos and a small photo gallery. The first video is a training video from 1990, showing how the original Jaws ride used to operate. The second video is the tribute Universal Orlando released on Jaws’ closing day:



  • 7 years ago

Look Back: Catch Your Breath at HOS ’07

For our first ‘Look Back’ article we’ll be taking a trip to Howl-O-Scream 2007, when the haunted maze located in the Gwazi event field first debuted as Catch Your Breath. The theme of this house centers around a gang of bikers who choose a different way to murder 13 victims each year. For 2007, their murder method of choice was suffocation, and they have already murdered 12 of their 13 quote. You enter a run down, decrepit gas station, which has become the bikers hideout, and must make it out before becoming their 13th victim.

The gallery below features the conceptual renderings for most scenes of the house: