Project 609 Updates

A lot has changed since we first reported on “Project 609” being the codename for the attraction replacing Building 44. For starters, it seems the address for the staging area for 609 was incorrectly recorded, placing it on the wrong side of the road. The staging area for 609 is actually located on the same side of the road as “Project 3429” which is the staging area for the IOA side of “Project 722”. Here’s an updated map showing both staging areas as well as the updated permit with the correct address:

In other news, the first building permit for the foundation and sitework for “Project 609” is well into its review process by the City of Orlando, and as usual, has revealed a few very interesting details about the building and ride within. The most telling of those details was posted today, saying:

“Provide the maximum travel distance to the nearest exit for this occupancy in the ride areas for the 1st and 2nd floor ride areas.”

This clearly confirms that the attraction being built where Building 44 once stood will be a two story ride, very much like Transformers in both Hollywood and Singapore. Not only that, but another note from the review process revealed the ride would feature lifts within the building:

“More information required on the type of waste (oily waste?) discharging into maintenance pit drains and Ride Lift Pit drains.”

Again, the Transformers rides in both Hollywood and Singapore feature elevator lifts to carry ride vehicles to and from the second floor ride areas.

So based on these new details, it’s looking more and more likely that “Project 609” is indeed a clone of the Transformers attraction from Hollywood/Singapore. With the construction still moving at an incredibly quick pace, an official announcement can’t be too far off.

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