New Trains for Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit?

A recent Notice of Commencement filed with Orange County says “Ride System Improvements” are on their way to a Universal Studios Florida attraction. The company contracted to carry out these improvements is KumbaK – The Amusement Engineers. For those unaware of what KumbaK does, they specialize in upgrading existing rides. These upgrades can involve anything from new restraint systems, replacing sections of track, and even providing entirely new trains for coasters, something they do pretty often. A list of their recent projects can be found here: KumbaK Projects.

While the document doesn’t specify which attraction is getting improvements, Rockit seems like the most obvious choice. The ride has faced its fair share of hardships since its delayed opening in late summer of 2009. And it has even been previously rumored that new trains were on the way for the coaster, so this might be the first solid evidence to surface that supports that claim. I’ve attatched the full document below, with the relevant bits highlighted:

(Note: The agreement number, USF-11-5459-KAT, indicates that these improvements are intended for a ride at Universal Studios Florida. For Islands of Advenure, the agreement number would begin with IOA, and for CityWalk, CW.)

KumbaK - Ride System Improvements

KumbaK – Ride System Improvements

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