Lost Continent Demolition = Evidence for Hogwarts Express?


UPDATE 2/17/2012

New permits filed today with the South Florida Water Management District reveal the full scope of the demolition plans for the Lost Continent, and they paint a pretty clear picture. A picture that looks an awful lot like The Hogwarts Express.

The plans call for “the demolition of site buildings, hardscape features, landscape features and underground utilities in anticipation of new construction”. So not only are they getting rid of those two previously mentioned buildings, but they’re also demolishing/clearing a large section of land directly behind them, all the way to the back of house access roadway behind the Sinbad theater.

Demolition Area

In the image above, the shaded portion represents the area affected by these plans. They seem to be creating a direct line of access from just outside the Hogsmeade arch to that back of house roadway behind Sinbad. The rumored Hogwarts Express is looking all but confirmed now. For a better idea of the location of these plans, here they are overlayed on an aerial image of the area:


And on one final note, the documents filed with these plans indicate the estimated completion date of the demolition is mid-July 2012, so expect to see work begin in the area pretty soon.



On January 20th, 2012, Universal filed permits for the demolition of building 234A and a tent located within The Lost Continent. A quick look at some old construction plans and aerial imagery reveals that building 234A is “The Frozen Desert” building and the tent is directly behind it. Both structures are located just outside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which begs the question, could we be seeing early demolition work in preparation for the Wizarding World’s expansion?

Given the proximity of both buildings to the Hogwarts Express prop, and their direct line of access to the back of house roadway connecting both parks, it kind of makes you wonder if this is in any way related to the rumors of a ‘real’ Hogwarts Express train running between the current Wizarding World and its expansion in the former Amity area of Universal Studios. If they were to build an actual Hogwarts Express train ride, it stands to reason that they’d either keep the existing train prop on display outside the station, or remove it and re-purpose the area it once occupied as the station, to avoid confusion among returning guests.

But perhaps we’re looking too far into this, and there’s an entirely different reason why these two structures are being removed. I guess only time will tell. Below you’ll find several images detailing the exact location of these two structures as well as the demolition permits. What do you think?

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