Look Back: Epcot Model

Look Back: Epcot Model

Since yesterday’s Look Back was all reading and no photos, we’ll keep today’s reading to a minimum so you can get straight to the pictures! Thanks to Jon Seisa’s profile on Coroflot we get an early glimpse at one of the models created for Epcot. Some interesting things to note include:

  • The Epcot ball being located on water, with a raised main pathway leading into it.
  • The open air design of the four buildings in the center of Future World.
  • The Living Seas (or some other sea themed attraction) occupying the space The Land Pavilion would come to occupy.
  • The large round building leading into the World Showcase.
  • The many different World Showcase countries that didn’t make the cut. A few we can recognize:
    • Africa
    • India
    • Australia

If you can spot any other exciting details, or identify any other countries, let us know in the comments, or on our newly opened forums!

Also, don’t forget, it’s Look Back Week, so check back each day for a new Look Back article, and check out our Look Back section!


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    • Sinister Kahuna

      These models remind me a little bit of the cityscapes from the film Logan’s Run (1976).