Jurassic Park Expansion for 2015?

Jurassic Park Expansion for 2015?

There have been rumors for the past few months about a new attraction (or possibly even attractions) coming to the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure. So far the only apparent additions coming to the island are new themed games, much like the ones added to The Simpson’s area last year. However, a permit recently filed with the City of Orlando could be our first concrete evidence that this expansion is finally coming to fruition:

The permit, filed on July 26th, calls for the addition of a new construction trailer located off Adventure Way for approximately 18 months. Those who have been following Universal’s past construction projects will recognize this area as the staging location for Project 609, Project 146, and the IOA portion of Project 722. The arrow on the map below gives you a general idea of where this trailer will go, amidst the several other existing trailers for Universal’s ongoing construction projects:

The most telling bit of info from this permit is that the trailer will be onsite for about 18 months. It was just recently given “Issued” status on August 20th, so assuming they get the trailer finished by mid-September, we’re looking at an April 2015 completion date for whatever project this trailer will serve. With Cabana Bay and Diagon Alley both set to open next spring/summer, this trailer is clearly not for either of those projects, which makes the Jurassic Park expansion the most likely choice. Not only that, but the trailer is for the company KHS&S, a design-assist firm specializing in themed entertainment construction. One of their biggest past jobs was Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if they were taking the helm for the expansion as well.

The blue highlights on the map above represent the rumored area(s) for the new attraction(s). Thunder Falls Terrace, highlighted in red, is rumored to be on its way out to make way for this new expansion. With an 18 month construction timeline for this project, we should start seeing more permits and more work starting very soon, so be sure to check back for more updates.

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    • shadowfrom88

      I love your website…..please keep us updated on this

    • navyboi

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the former Triceratops Encounter area is included in that expansion, just saying…

    • Vero

      They really do need to expand Jurassic Park at some point. I love the river adventure but they need a ride in the Jeeps like the first movie and what about the ride that they were all on that had a video that showed how the dinosaurs were made? That could be a good introduction for something! And maybe while you’re seated in there watching the video and listening to how these dinosaurs were brought to life then something goes a miss and it turns into an exciting thrill ride!! That would be awesome. Get on it Universal!

    • Hahah

      It’s a King Kong Ride