Permits filed for Hogwarts Express Attraction?

New permits filed with the City of Orlando have provided more evidence for the real-life Hogwarts Express attraction that’s rumored to eventually connect the existing Wizarding World of Harry Potter with its expansion, Project 722, taking over the former Amity area of Universal Studios.

The three permits, filed on June 1st, 2012, call for a North Station, South Station, and Connector, which, when put together, sound a lot like plans for some kind of train or monorail system. With the already existing plans for the demolition of several structures in Lost Continent, and the Project 722 layout that was briefly posted on SFWMD, we are slowly starting to see all the pieces come together for the Wizarding World’s expansion. Now if they’d only make an announcement about it…

Below are the three permits filed with the City of Orlando:

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