HHN 22 in USF Only

Today has been quite the day for Halloween Horror Nights news. First we get confirmation that construction has begun, and now, we’ve got confirmation of where the event will take place, and this year’s house locations (as of this article’s writing, only 7 permits have been filed, when/if the 8th gets filed, we will update this post). This year, just like the past six years, the event will be taking place solely within in Universal Studios Florida. This year’s house locations are:

HHN 2012 Haunted House Locations:
B44 – Herc/Xena
B67 – Disaster
Sprung 1
Sprung 2
(Again, as of this article’s writing, only 7 permits have been filed, when/if the 8th permit gets filed, we will update this post.)

What’s interesting to note is that Universal has opted to use SS20 this year instead of the usual SS23. The last time we saw SS20 used was in 2008 when it housed Body Collectors and Interstellar Terror. SS23 was being used that summer for the production of “My Family’s Got GUTS!” so houses couldn’t be constructed during their normal June-September time frame, so SS20 was used to construct the houses and SS23 was used as queuing during the event.

With the lack of an 8th house permit, it still remains to be seen if we will see an 8th (and potentially 9th) house in SS23, or if it’ll be used as queuing again. The only other possible location within USF for an 8th house would be the Parade Building (B79) which they have used every year since it was built in 2007.

Another possibility is a double run house within SS22, something that hasn’t been done since 1998 with Museum of Horrors (SS22) and S.S. Frightanic (EQ Queue). A double run house is one house superstructure that contains two separately themed maze paths, with the guest choosing which path to take at the facade. Since the both mazes are all one structure, only one permit has to be filed. The image below, from the HHN Archives website, shows the blueprints for the S.S.¬†Frightanic house from 1998, giving you an idea how a double run house is designed:

If the rumors of a two icon event prove to be true, this could be an excellent way to execute an icon house this year, with each icon having their own path. And just like in 1998, each path would be billed as a separate haunted house, bringing the house count up to 8.

Of course, there’s also always the (unlikely) possibility that we’ll only have 7 houses this year, but we’ll worry about that if we don’t see an 8th permit go up within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we’ve included the 7 HHN 2012 permits currently filed below. Be sure to leave any comments in the comment section below, or on the ParkRumors Forums.

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