HHN 22 Permit Update

The news of building 44’s demolition has left many confused and concerned about the fate of Halloween Horror Nights 22. Permit revisions filed with the City of Orlando have confirmed the obvious; the house that was to be located within building 44 will no longer be built:

Now the event is down to only six haunted houses, the fewest its had since 2003. There have been numerous rumors and speculations about if/where the 7th house would be moved, ranging from the Parade Building (B79) to Sound Stage 23, and even Sound Stage 33, a venue never before used for a haunted house. We had expected to see a new permit filed for the 7th house along with the revisions, but the revisions were filed on June 22nd, and we’re yet to see any sign of a new permit, which makes us wonder if there won’t be a 7th house after all. More permit revisions still need to be submitted though, so there’s still the possibility of getting the 7th house back… but it’s almost July now, so they’re cutting it rather close. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as any new HHN related permits are filed.

And finally, we leave you with one last question: Assuming we do get the 7th house back, do you think it’ll be the same house that was intended for Building 44, with scenes like “Creature Pit” and “Spike Room”, or do you think they designed an entirely different house to fit whichever new venue they decide to use? Let us know in the comments below, on our Forums, or our Facebook!

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