HHN 22 Permit Update: Parade Building

HHN 22 Permit Update: Parade Building

A new HHN permit was filed last week, finally filling the void left by the withdrawn permit for the BLDG44 house. Ironically enough, however, for its first few days in the system, the permit still had its location (incorrectly) listed as “BLD44 HERC&XENA”. But now that the permit has started its review process, the location has been updated to B79, the parade building.

As the permit review process continues, we’ll hopefully find out a few scene names, much like we did with some of the previous permits. We’ll also hopefully find out if this is an entirely new house, or just the same house that was intended for BLD44 reconfigured to fit in the parade building.

This also brings our house total back up to seven, with houses located in the following places:

  • Sound stage 20A
  • Sound stage 20B
  • Sound stage 22
  • Disaster Queue
  • Parade Building
  • Sprung 1
  • Sprung 2
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    • Hhnfreak

      behinduniversalstudios has ss33 as a house location so is this true?… if it is then the house count goes up to 8!

    • HHNInSider

      @HhnFreak yes. At 3:45 yesterday, an insider told me they will be using SS33. Bringing the total to a typical 8 houses like every past year. Lets just say the SS33 house will be…”deadly” and “new” and a lot of “retribution” >:]

    • Danbenade

      Anybody ever hear any rumors regarding Simpsons Tree House of Horrors for HHN? Seems a little wonkish but could be kinda fun?!?