HHN 22 House Speculation

The permit review process has begun for the HHN 2012 house permits filed last week, and just like in previous years, it has given us our first clues of the themes of a couple of this year’s haunted houses, in the form of scene names.

Our first bit of information comes from two scene names from the house in SS20 A:

Please clarify dimensions for passage between rooms 4. Bat Belfry and room 5. Mirror Chamber.

Considering that belfry is an old German term for bell tower, typically found on churches and castles, and often infested with bats, the house in SS20 A might be themed to either an old church or an old castle.

The next bit of information comes from two more scene names from the house in the Disaster Overflow Queue, B67:

Change in level on room 1. Hospital Hallway and room 4. Roof Top.

Given that scene 1 of this haunted house is called “Hospital Hallway”, it’s likely that imagine the facade of this house will be a hospital of some sort. Then, we somehow manage to get to scene 4, “Roof Top”. Why we end up on the roof of this hospital is anyone’s guess. Perhaps we’re trying to escape? Or maybe something is chasing us?

The last bit of information comes from two scene names from the house in Herc/Xena, BLD44:

Turning space shall comply with Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction. Ref.:Exiting from room 7. Creature Pit.

Provide sprinkler coverage for “Spike room“.

With only two generic scene names to go off of for this house, it’s pretty hard to take a guess at its theme, so we’ll leave this one open to speculation.

New information has surfaced from two scene names from the house in SS20 B:

Provide sprinkler coverage for the “Vortex” room and the “Wrong side of the bed” room.

With a room name like “Vortex” it’s almost a guarantee that this is where we’ll find the spinning tunnel this year. And the name “Wrong side of the bed” sounds kind of like a fun/wacky room, so perhaps the house in SS20 B is our ‘fun’/3d house this year? They typically don’t put these in the sound stages, so that would be an interesting departure from the norm.

Finally, to summarize, we’ve got scene names from four houses so far, and possible ideas of the themes of three of them:

SS20 A – Old Church or Castle?

  • Scene 4: Bat Belfry
  • Scene 5: Mirror Chamber

SS20 B – ‘Fun’/3d House?

  • Vortex
  • Wrong Side of the Bed

B67 Disaster Overflow – Hospital?

  • Scene 1: Hospital Hallway
  • Scene 4: Roof Top

BLD44 Herc/Xena – ???

  • Spike Room
  • Scene 7 – Creature Pit

Be sure to leave your thoughts or speculation in the comment section below, or on the ParkRumors Forums!

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