HHN 2012 Event Dates + Speculation

HHN 2012 Event Dates + Speculation

Universal’s UK website has begun selling tickets for Halloween Horror Nights 2012, revealing this year’s event dates. The event will once again run for 25 nights during September and October, starting on September 21st and ending on October 31st, Halloween night.

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Event Dates:
21st, 22nd
27th, 28th, 29th, 30th
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
11th, 12th, 13th, 14th
17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st
24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th

To help visualize these dates, we’ve made a handy little calendar:

Now for some speculation! We’re quickly approaching the end of April, and with no sign of any activity around the Sprung tents, and house construction just around the corner,  it’s pretty safe to assume we won’t be seeing Universal relocate them to other areas around IOA. So does this mean the idea we proposed for a two park event back in February is dead? Absolutely not. It just means they’ll likely utilize other locations in Islands of Adventure if the event were to be two parks.

And speaking of other locations in Islands of Adventure, one of our readers spotted what they described to us as “several gentlemen in HHN polos walking around the JP Discovery Center with a long rolled up paper and making gestures with their arms, as if they were planning where walls would go.” This could potentially mean we’ll be seeing a house in the Discovery Center once again, a location they used several times while the event was in Islands of Adventure, or it could have simply been for something else entirely.

Another potential location we left out during our previous speculation was Soundstage 44 in Universal Studios. They’ve utilized this location once before, in 2004, when the event was two parks, so using it again this year would make sense. And even if the event is only at the Studios, the park is still down one house location, so 44 is prime real estate either way you look at it.

We’ve listed below what we believe would be the best layouts for this year’s event; two parks or just at Studios. The two park layout gives them the opportunity to bring us a ninth house, something that’s rumored every year, and the Studios only layout gives us the standard eight houses we’ve become accustomed to since 2007.

Two Park Layout (9 potential locations):
Carnage Warehouse
Discovery Center
Sound stage 20a
Sound stage 20b
Sound stage 22
Sound stage 23a
Sound stage 23b
Sound stage 44
Disaster Queue

USF Only Layout (8 potential locations):
Sound stage 22
Sound stage 23a
Sound stage 23b
Sound stage 44
Disaster Queue
Sprung 1
Sprung 2
Parade Building

What do you think? Do you agree with our choices for house locations, or would you rather see a different layout entirely? Let us know in the comments below or on our message boards!

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    • 000000

      Don’t forget… Thunder Falls!

    • Treehouseo’Horror

      Wow..event is starting earlier and earlier. Not that I am complaining

    • So this is my opinion, if they do the dual parks its a wast if they don’t open ALLL the rides at IOA and then the rip ride rocket at USF, 2nd if they do the dual parks they need the twins/ brother sister combo. If its just a single Icon it wouldn’t make sense. I feel 2 also make it also good the two Icons need to be Evil and Horrible or like mischievous and then evil so you can add a house like alien that every 1 has been saying is a possibility that the mischievous demon planted the alien on bored….?! Also I didn’t care for the 2 parks for the simple fact for the long walks from park to park with no scare zones… WOW they had 1 it was the corn fields but the on the date I went I remember 1 to none scare actors in there. They need more scare zones BIGGER, BADDER, SCARIER, or just more things along they way to look at, hell throw some guy in suits that blend in with the wall and have them jump out at you or statues along the path way that you cant tell if real or not. That’s the only way I’ll be satisfied that I got my scares worth of excitement

    • Joe Sanchez

      Hey just came across a building permit submitted back in Feb for SS 23 that is currently under review SCN2012-01050

      • PRadmin

        SCN permits are not building permits. They are simply documents scanned by the City of Orlando for internal use, and have no bearing whatsoever in what Universal might be planning for this year’s event. If you look up more SCN2012 permits you’ll find tons of them for all kinds of things around the resort, including these other HHN related ones:

        SUPERSTITIONS – BLDG 54A – 3/6/2012 (SCN2012-02094)
        RUN/MUMMY 2 – BLDG 67A – 3/6/2012 (SCN2012-02112)
        TERRORLAND/PITCH BLACK – SS22 – 3/15/2012 (SCN2012-02417)

        Thank you for being proactive in searching for permits and sending us the info though, your participation in the site is appreciated!