Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Construction Begins

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Construction Begins

*UPDATE* – HHN 2012 building permits filed. Confirm HHN 22 to be held in Universal Studios Florida only. Full story here.

Today, several Notice of Commencements for Halloween Horror Nights 2012 appeared online at the Orange Country Comptroller’s website. The documents, filed with Orange County on May 8th 2012, are the first step of the construction process for Halloween Horror Nights, signifying the start of construction.

Like every year, Universal has filed the typical Notice of Commencements for the “Construction of the Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Haunted Houses” as well as “Scenic Elements for the Halloween Horror Nights 2012 Haunted Houses”, both being executed by Fake Productions, Universal’s go-to contractor for HHN construction. But there were a few more Notice of Commencements filed this year, one of which confirms a new house location:

For the first time since 2004, and only the second time in Halloween Horror Nights history, we will see a house located in the old Hercules & Xena building, also known as Sound Stage 44. This location has been rumored to hold a house since the loss of the Jaws Queue, so we finally have confirmation that it will indeed be used for HHN.

However, even with these new Notice of Commencements, we still don’t have any solid evidence confirming a two park HHN or a USF only HHN, so the waiting game continues. It won’t be long now until we see building permits filed for each individual haunted house with the City of Orlando, and we will finally have confirmation of where the event will be taking place, and all the venues that will be used for houses.

*UPDATE* – HHN 2012 building permits filed. Confirm HHN 22 to be held in Universal Studios Florida only. Full story here.

Since these documents were filed with Orange County on May 8th, it’s safe to assume construction of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights houses is already well underway. I’ve included screen captures of all the┬áNotice of Commencements filed below. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or discuss this on the ParkRumors Forums!

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    • A Herc/Xena these wtf?

      • Chase

        It’s the place were that attraction was held. It’s also known as sound stage 44. If I’m not mistaken, that is the one by Mel’s Drive in.

        • Glstokes67

          Yes that is correct, but I thought it was a condemned building?

          • Cecilia

            It’s not. It was out of shape for an attraction. For a while it was used as a lounge for TMs but had recently been cleared out, which was when rumors started about a house going there. Looks like we were right.

    • ThreeCircles

      Um, who felt blurring out the phone number was needed? Anyone who’s capable of typing in Fake Productions, LLC into Google can get that number. Really?


      • Is that all you can comment on? how pathetic. There is a difference between looking for a number and handing it out. Would you like your phone number publicly given out even though people could find it if they tried .. duh!!

        • ThreeCircles

          Pathetic may better describe your level of idiocy if you really buy into your response. The website contains not only their office number but provides a cell number as well. Not too worried about having their number out there, huh?

          And, if I did have my phone numbers listed on public documents *and plastered all over my website* then, um, I don’t think I’d be too worried if it was also on, wait for it, the mighty, ParkRumors.com.

    • Austinbg

      Hey, like your effort but dont you think that the herk xena building might be for a new REGULAR attraction rather than HHN? Think about it they just razed jaws so that might mean a new bigger attraction.

      • Jgoodson1993

        They are extending The Wizarding World of Harry Potter there.

    • Escness

      The Hercules and Xena sound stage may be used as a house but it’s not gonna replace the Jaws queue… Mainly because that sound stage is in LA and the Jaws ride was in Orlando.

    • Hhn

      Amity ville is all going to be a part of wwohp.

    • Rxgenocide

      the sound stage herc/zena aka soundstage 44 was demolished which means 1 less house this year