HHN 23 Permits Confirm House Locations

HHN 23 Permits Confirm House Locations

Today we finally saw the building permits for Halloween Horror Nights 23 filed with the City of Orlando. While these permits don’t tell us much yet, they do provide confirmation of this year’s house locations:

Sprung One
Sprung Two
Parade Building (B79)
Disaster Queue
SS21 (likely two houses)

It looks like we’ll be going back to eight houses again this year, assuming they put two houses into soundstage 21. It’s the largest soundstage on Universal property, so it’s entirely possible they’ll build two houses there, much like they typically do when they use soundstages 20 and 23. This will also be the first year they’ve ever used soundstages 21 and 24 before, so that should be interesting to see.

We’ve included images of the permits below. Be sure to check back as the permits undergo the review process by the city over the next two weeks, as that usually provides us with interesting details like scene names.

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    • Joe

      SS 21 was used last year

      • Franky

        You’re probably thinking of SS 20. SS 21 was used for filming TNA Wrestling up until earlier this year, so they’ve never been able to use it for HHN before.

    • HHNSpecAndRumors

      Will be weird using ss 21 have been going for tna for like 9 years

    • coasterfan

      The permits refer to drawings,so do guys have any info on the drawings?

    • director chaz

      Featuring soundstage 23 has been used for impact wrestling I hope it doesn’t smell like sweaty old man balls.