First Look at Cabana Bay Resort Layout

First Look at Cabana Bay Resort Layout

A new document filed with the Orange County Comptroller today shows off a master plan view of Universal’s 4th hotel, Cabana Bay Beach Resort. While the scan of the plans isn’t very detailed, it still gives us an excellent overview of the resort’s layout.

To the north of the property are the three buildings, A, B, and C. These three buildings consist of phase 1 of the resort’s construction and will likely contain the family suites. In the middle of these three buildings is a large pool, which we saw in the concept art released with the resort’s announcement, as well as various other amenities.

On the other side of these buildings is what appears to be the very large hotel lobby/main building, which was also shown off in concept art. Then, jutting out of that building in an interesting zig-zag pattern is what looks like the remaining two buildings of the resort, likely to contain the standard guest rooms. It’s hard to tell from this image, but it looks like there could also be a pool or some kind of recreation area in the middle of these two buildings as well.

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