Plans Confirm Drop Tower for Busch Gardens Tampa in 2013

Plans Confirm Drop Tower for Busch Gardens Tampa in 2013

* UPDATE 5/7/2012 – New Trademark filing and domain registration for a potential name of the new drop tower, Desert Dive. Full story here: *


Plans filed with the South West Florida Water Management District last week confirm the rumors that Busch Gardens Tampa will be adding a drop tower style attraction for the 2013 season. The plans filed are just for the preliminary ground work, so they don’t tell us much, but we can still pull a few bits of useful information out of them.

For starters, we can make a pretty educated guess about the ride’s manufacturer, which has been thought to be either Moser Rides, (BGW just worked with them on Mach Tower) or Intamin (BGT just worked with them on Cheetah Hunt). Looking at the tower’s footprint, we can see it has eight sets of four seats, for a total of 32 riders. Intamin appears to only offer drop towers that seat 24, 30, or 40 riders, while Moser Rides offers a Gravity Tower model that seats 32. This certainly doesn’t confirm Moser as the manufacturer, but it does make it seem much more likely.

Another interesting item to note is the new entry plaza into Timbuktu that Busch Gardens will be adding. Gone will be the canvas overhangs and outdoor market, creating a much more open, and likely incredible view of this new attraction.

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    • Themeparkfan

      Where did you get Moser from? I see 4 sets of 4 Seats. Not eight sets of four seats.

    • Look again. There’s definitely eight sets.
      Hint: look for the foot rests

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    • I think this Drop Tower Will be made by Intamin and will be a Multi-DropTower giving you numerous of seating arrangements like Standing/Sitdown/Leaning/Floorless. Looking at the planning you can notice that they have 4Seats Per Car. Which Multi Drop Towers Feature.

      4Seats and 8Cars. Something on the similar lines of Hurakan Condor at Universal Port Adventura.

      And maybe we could be seeing the World Tallest? Because it may become in competition with 2012’s Latest Drop Tower at Sixflags 🙂 Which has taken the Title of the world record of being the highest drop tower in the world.

      Thank You – Alex

    • Rabbit

      I agree – 4 sets of 4…..I work at an S&S Power Ride…..this layout is EXACTLY like ours.

    • Looks like 24 seats. there are six seats per side. Look again at the diagram? There are 4 straight seats and on in each corner looking sideways

    • Bookendzz

      I have heard from a source within the park that this is not going to happen because the ground is too soft. It will be interesting to see if this is a true fact.

    • mike

      its four sets of six ,but i guess they are thinking there is two hidden seats under the coner, but if that were the case there is only room for one. but im thinking its just six a side

    • Alex

      There’s 8 sets of 4 seats. A total of 32 seats. The “hidden” seats are under the corners of the square. That square being the top of the tower…