Desert Dive: Busch Garden’s 2013 Drop Tower

Desert Dive: Busch Garden’s 2013 Drop Tower

*UPDATE* Filing with the FAA confirms plans to build a 330′ tall drop tower. Read the full story by clicking here:

On May 2nd, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, the owners/operators of Busch Gardens Tampa, filed a new trademark application for the name Desert Dive and registered the domain name Since the park’s new drop tower planned for 2013 will be going into the Timbuktu section of the park, it would only seem logical that these registrations are for the new attraction.

However, just because the park has trademarked the name doesn’t mean it’s the final name they’ve chosen for the attraction. We saw an excellent example of this back in 2010 when SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment registered the name “Cheetaka“. This was widely believed to be the final name for Busch Garden’s new Cheetah themed roller coaster, but it was changed at the last minute to “Cheetah Hunt“.

Below is a screenshot of the trademark application. What do you think of the name? Do you think it should change, or will this be the name of the 2013 drop tower? Let us know in the comments below, or on our forums!

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    • Garrett Norman

      I honestly think that that name will probably suit the attraction well. We’re looking at an at least 300 ft tall drop tower, am I correct?

    • I thought they had problems getting a permit for Shiekra because they didnot want anything over 200 feet tall because of the airport being so close by????

    • is 300ft tall a little dangerous

    • Brandonp

      Well just think about other places in the us like California for example there’s airports around very corner and theres parks like six flags Disney and notes berry and six flags just bulky a 400 ft drop tower named after lex Luther

    • Louis Millard

      How tall will it be? Because you know, the State of Florida has a stupid law that theme parks are NOT allowed to build an attraction taller than 200ft. barrier. DUMB!!! Or Shei Kra would be like Griffon. If it gets built and its under 200ft, I will be very dissappointed.

      • last i heard it was going to be 246 ft tall

    • Louis Millard

      The reason why I know about that law for Florida is I used to work for Busch Gardens Tampa and a supervisor was telling me.

    • Louis Millard

      If you go down Bouganvillea Ave where Busch Gardens H.R. is at, you see the pieces of the tower.

      • PRadmin

        Thanks for the tip about the drop tower pieces being on site… we’ll have to go get some pictures soon !

        And as for the height ceiling “law” in FL, the only restriction is that any structure over 200ft must have aircraft warning lights on it… There are several buildings over 200ft tall in Orlando, and the new Orlando Eye Giant Wheel they’re building on I-Drive will be 450ft tall. Most parks choose to build below 200ft to avoid having to use the unsightly red aircraft warning lights.

      • Ucfjav

        Do you have any pictures of the drop tower pieces???

    • Jonathan C

      looks like the name is Falcons Fury now, they just announced it today and its gonna stand at 335 FT =)