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  • 7 years ago

SeaWorld’s New Penguin Ride System Revealed?

UPDATE 3/14/2012: The concept art and vehicle renderings have been removed from their source websites, so we have removed them from our article as well.

In November of 2011, SeaWorld Orlando announced their new expansion for the 2013 season, an entire Antarctic re-theme of their existing Penguin Plaza area to be called Antarctica – Empire of the Penguin. While details were scarce, they did promise a “one-of-a-kind ride and an incredible family adventure” that would combine “state-of-the-art interactive ride technologies for adventures that are different each time.” So, what could that ride system be?

Plans filed with the South Florida Water Management District last September showed the overall layouts of the three buildings in the new area. One of our forum readers, Beast, pointed out a few interesting things about them. For starters, there are five pre-show rooms (each with 8 people) and what appear to be five circular load bays, or ports. In addition, there is no ride track evident inside the building, something most would shrug off as an unnecessary detail to be included in plans like these. But why include pre-show rooms with guests but no ride track? Beast hypothesized that this new ride might be of the trackless variety, much like Pooh’s Honey Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland.

Sounds like a crazy assumption, right? No ride track on plans = trackless ride system. We thought the same thing at first too, but there’s more. Looking at attraction diagrams on ETF Ride Systems website, a company that specializes in trackless ride systems, you’ll notice something quite familiar on the Mystic Mover page:

The ride above features ‘ports’, just like on the SeaWorld plans. ETF also makes a Multi-Mover attraction that can accommodate more vehicles for a higher capacity. This kind of ride would definitely be a first for American parks, and could allow SeaWorld to program multiple ride paths so that your experience really could be “different each time” like the press release suggests.

So what do you think, is this enough evidence to assume that SeaWorld’s new ride will feature a trackless ride system? Or do you think it’ll be something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below, or on our message boards!

The gallery below contains the plans for the new area, including a labeled overview of the potential ride building layout.

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UPDATE 3/14/2012: The concept art and vehicle renderings have been removed from their source websites, so we have removed them from our article as well.

  • 7 years ago

Look Back: Manta

This weeks look back is all about Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. Manta opened in May of 2009 and aimed to seamlessly blend an animal exhibit with a roller coaster. We’ve got some great concept art showing off the attraction’s features, queue, and non-rider aquarium, as well as some descriptions of the attraction’s intent and theme.


Attraction Concept:

A feeling of Oneness

The Attraction is an experiential journey whose path is chosen by the individual. Both journeys enable guests to enter the realm of the ray and experience its underwater world for themselves. The aquarium experience allows guests to be one with the ray’s environment. As guests immerse themselves further into the ray’s realm, all senses are directed toward the energy of the ray. The ride experience allows guests to feel at one with the ray itself, as they experience the sensations of the ray’s graceful yet powerful movements: diving, swooping, and gliding with agility and ease.

Thematic Backstory

THE ARTISANS of Ray Lagoon
For hundreds of years, the beachside village at Ray Lagoon has been known throughout the Caribbean for its lush tropical beauty and the schools of graceful rays that swim in its lagoon.

For centuries, Ray Island has been a Caribbean home to a people who have revered rays, the graceful sea creatures who inhabit the old harbors and lagoons of the island. The islanders regard the rays as wonderful visitors to their home who have chosen to stay.

The islanders’ delight in the magnificent rays can be seen in their carefree artwork, from the curving handrails and metal work to the colorful mosaics, reflecting the flowing shape of the rays and the people’s appreciation of their constant presence.

Time and progress have changed much on Ray Island, but the spirit and power of the ray are everywhere.