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  • 6 years ago

Legoland Florida 2013 – Pirates Expansion

New documents filed with the South West Florida Water Management District last month have revealed Legoland Florida’s 2013 expansion plans: a new section of the park dubbed “Pirate Shores”. The documents detail the new area, which will occupy roughly 1.6 acres of land located just behind the main entrance, and feature two new attractions, two new water playgrounds, and a smattering of  games, retail and food offerings. For those familiar with Legoland California, you’ll notice that this new area borrows heavily from that park’s pirate themed land of the same name.

For starters, the existing Fire Brigade attraction will be slightly relocated to make room for a pathway leading to the main entrance of “Pirate Shores”. The area’s main attraction will be a Splash Battle boat ride, which, as we mention above, will likely be very similar to the one located at Legoland California. It’s also worth noting that the Legoland parks in both Billund and Deutschland also feature a pirate themed splash battle attraction. The other attraction looks like it will be called “Captain Cranky’s Challenge”, which is also a Legoland California attraction.

The two water playgrounds also appear to be coming from Legoland California, and will each cater to a different age demographic. The area labled “Interactive Play” on the plans below looks to be a copy of the “Soak~N~Sail” area, which is aimed at the older kids and features slides and tons of interactive water features. Swabbie’s Deck is aimed at the toddlers, and will likely have water jets and squirt cannons, much like its California counterpart.

And finally, rounding out the area is a small strip of buildings featuring food and beverages, a small games area, a retail store, changing rooms, and restrooms.

Overall, even though the area is basically a carbon copy of the “Pirate Shores” from Legoland California, it’s still a welcome addition to the new Florida park, which has yet to turn a year old. Be sure to leave any comments in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page or Forums!

  • 7 years ago

Fun Spot Expansion Plans

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Central Florida attraction news and rumors, then you’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding Fun Spot’s plans to expand their Orlando facility. If not, we’ll recap… during IAAPA in November of 2011, they announced their plans to open a new water park. Then, on an episode of the In The Loop podcast, park spokesman Mark Brisson confirmed they also planned on adding a wooden roller coaster and small steel family coaster. We really didn’t have a solid idea of how all these projects would come together, but thanks to a recent Municipal Planning Board meeting, we now have the basic overview of how this expansion will look.

Before we jump in, let me just say these plans totally took me by surprise. I definitely didn’t expect an expansion of this magnitude, and it’s one that will completely transform the current ‘tourist trap’ feel of Fun Spot into something more like a mini Six Flags.

The work will be done in two phases. For Phase I, the park will be adding a new parking lot, complete with a parking garage, able to accommodate up to 372 vehicles. This lot will become the main parking location for the park. They’ll also be constructing a brand new entrance building at this new lot, with a 120 foot tall ferris wheel on top, which is pretty awesome. Also part of Phase I is the 65 foot tall GCI wooden roller coaster, as well as a 260 foot tall Sky Coaster, and the expansion of one of their existing go-kart tracks.

Phase II involves the addition of their water park, which will feature at least 9 attractions, including some very innovative slide concepts like the Double Bowls Eye, 360Rush, and Splash Rally. It promises to be a “one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, signature waterpark”. Also part of Phase II is a 220 foot tall WindSeeker ride, 20 foot tall suspended family coaster, and several smaller thrill rides and ‘Kid Spot’ area. When complete, the expansion will occupy a once barren 10.5 acre plot of land.

Overall these plans are very ambitious and should hopefully transform the once small venue into an awesome new family destination. I personally can’t wait for the wooden coaster and waterpark. Below I’ve included several images from the planning meeting, including an overview of the expansion, with major rides highlighted, as well as the layouts of the two proposed roller coasters and the overview of the new waterpark. Enjoy!