Busch Gardens Drop Tower to be 330 feet tall

Busch Gardens Drop Tower to be 330 feet tall

Just over a year ago, we posted plans filed with the SWFWMD that detailed a new drop tower attraction for Busch Gardens Tampa. Today, after digging through the Federal Aviation Administration website, we discovered a document filed last January seeking approval to build that attraction. According to the document, the new drop tower will consist of a 304ft tall drop section and a 26ft tall machine cabinet, for a total of a 330ft tower, making it the tallest ride at Busch Gardens Tampa:

Project is an amusement park attraction: a monopole +/- 12′ dia. round steel tube approx. 304′ high. On top of the tube is a cylindrically-shaped steel machine room and open rail +/- 20′ dia. and approx 26′ high. A +/- 59’ dia. seat system moves up and down around the tube as a part of the ride.

What’s interesting to note is that the original construction timeline for the installation of the tower was a mere two weeks; from December 4th 2012 – December 18th 2012. This would have likely left enough time to get the attraction open by early this year. However, with construction yet to begin, and reports from Screamscape about delays, it’s looking like this project could have been pushed back to 2014.

Busch Gardens recently sent out an e-mail teasing they had some big news to ‘drop’ on June 11th, so we’ll likely find out the planned opening date then. A late 2013 opening is entirely possible if construction starts next month and they can stick to the two week schedule for assembling the tower. Included below is a screenshot of the FAA filing:

FAA Application

Source : FAA

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    • Jonathan Sangiorgio

      Yay, I can’t believe it! After so much waiting, it’s finally here!
      Cross your fingers that it will open soon!

    • coasterfan

      I heard that the drop will be around 50mph and that at the top they are going to tilt your seats down. i guess we’ll just have to wait untill the 11th!

    • coasterfan

      are you guys going to Busch gardens for the “special Presentation” of desert dive?

    • Jonathan C

      now its gonna be 335 feet and the name is Falcon’s Fury 🙂

    • coasterfan

      thats surprising. I thought it was going to be named desert dive. Busch Grdens even made a website about desert dive. guesse that they are going to make another major attraction in the near future that is going to be named desert dive.