Busch Gardens 2013 Attraction

Busch Gardens 2013 Attraction

UPDATE 2/27/2012: Permits reveal new location of Sandstorm attraction.


It’s been rumored for the past few months that Busch Gardens Tampa would be getting a new attraction for 2013, an attraction that would likely replace the Sandstorm attraction in the Timbuktu section of the park.We got confirmation of this today, thanks to new permits filed with the City of Tampa. The permit says:


Which, in plain English, means they will be relocating the existing Sandstorm ride and starting construction on their “2013 ride“. Here’s  screenshot of the permit:

BGT 2013 Permit


While we still don’t know exactly what the new ride will be, rumors suggest that it could be some kind of  drop tower ride, something which the park doesn’t have. Considering Busch Gardens Williamsburg just got a new drop tower last year, Mach Tower, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for Busch Gardens Tampa to get a similar attraction. Now we just wait until an official announcement is made.

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    • Louis Millard

      But here is the thing, It will not be as tall as Mach Tower due to the fact that Florida has a height restriction on theme park attractions. Which is horse shit! There is a 200ft. height limit in Florida. It will not be what the one in Va. is. I hate the height limit the state of Florida puts on theme parks!

      • Buschgardens

        Right Now They Are Building A 400 Ft Tall Ferris Wheel On I-Drive In Orlando That Exeeds The “200 Ft” Limit, So I Dont Think Busch Gardens Will Have A Problem. Florida Law Says That If A Structure Exeeds 200 Ft It Will Require Aircraft Warning Lights.