Busch Gardens Tampa Project Teel – 2019 Coaster?

Hey, long time no see. We’re back to share some plans for a new attraction coming to Busch Gardens Tampa in 2019. As many of you know, the Tanganyika Tidal Wave flume ride was closed back in 2016, and demolition just recently began, so it should come as no surprise that this new attraction will be going into that area. The plans were recently filed with the SWFWMD under the name “BGT Project Teel”, and it is described as:


The project calls for the removal of ±40,185 sq. ft. of existing impervious attraction/walk areas and the construction of ±19,683 sq. ft. of impervious attraction/walk area and ±3,230 sq. ft. of building area. This results in a reduction of impervious area of ±17,272 sq. ft. to be used as credit for future BGT projects

Below you will find the plans submitted for the new attraction area as well as an overlay of the plans onto the park, so you can get a decent idea of its placement:

As you can see, the new attraction area is rather small, featuring a station building where the final splashdown of Tidal Wave used to be, as well as a new paved entrance plaza and short winding queue leading to the station. The strongest rumor at the moment is that this new attraction will be a Premier Rides Skyrocket II roller coaster, much like Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Electric Eel at SeaWorld San Deigo, and these plans definitely seem to confirm that. The most telling signs are the shape of the station building, with the open channel through the middle, and its four sets of stairs on either end. Looking at this comparison with the Electric Eel station in San Diego, the similarities are undeniable:

Project Teel vs. Electric Eel Station


So, what will this new ride be called? Well, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment was busy filing several new trademarks a few months ago: Uproar, Twisted Tiger and Tigris. These all seem like very appropriate names for a launching, twisting roller coaster. My personal favorite is Uproar.

So what do you think, does this confirm that the new Busch Garden’s 2019 attraction will be a Skyrocket II coaster?


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